Heubach dustmeter

The Heubach method is as a reproducible measuring technique for the standardized determination of dust generated by the handling of treated seeds, powders, tablets and granules.

Heubach dustmeter


  • Treated seeds are mechanically stressed inside a rotating drum.
  • A vacuum pump creates an air flow through the rotating drum, the connected glass cylinder and the attached filter unit.
  • By the air flow, abraded dust particles are transported out of the rotating drum through the glass cylinder and subsequently through the filter unit.
  • Coarse non-floating particles are separated and collected in the glass cylinder while floating dust particles are deposited onto a filter.
  • The amount of floating dust collected on the filter is determined gravimetically.


  • Assessment of free floating dust and abrasion particles of treated seeds as a parameter of the quality of treated seeds.
  • Determination of Heubach dust value (g dust/100 kg seeds or g dust/100 000 kernels).