Nozzle flow rate

Determination of the flow rate of an individual nozzle or a set of nozzles in function of the working pressure according to ISO 5682–1

flow rate

Technique and measuring protocol

  • The measuring set-up and protocol fulfils the requirements set by ISO 5682-1 'Equipment for crop protection - Spraying equipment - Part 1: Test methods for sprayer nozzles‘
  • Based on time measurement and weighing of sprayed water (accuracy ± 1.0 g)
  • Anti-mist tubes to avoid losses
  • Four symmetrical equivalent repetitions
  • Pressure accuracy ± 0.01 bar


  • Liquid flow rate (L min-1) + s.d.


  • Very precise measurement of the flow rate of hydraulic nozzles
  • Reference nozzles to validate/calibrate mobile nozzle test benches
  • Quality control of new nozzles with respect to the nominal flow rate


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