General INNOSETA - Collection and dissemination of innovative spraying techniques


INNOSETA is an H2020 project that aims to close the innovation gap between spray technology research / developers and end-users by collecting spray innovations in a central, self-sustaining thematic network; the INNOSETA platform, which now has 479 registered users. Regarding the content of this innovative tool, 341 industry solutions, 77 research projects, 416 training materials, and 203 articles, are freely accessible to interested end-users. The total number of platform’s entries is 1,037, which are accompanied by 2,660 files such as pictures, pdf supplementary files, etc. The enormous number of valuable information that can be retrieved by INNOSETA platform, along with the number of visitors that browse/navigate into the platform, demonstrate the significant impact of the tool, and correspondingly of the INNOSETA project on the agricultural community. More specifically, more than 10,000 users have visited the INNOSETA platform, with specific indicative numbers demonstrating 1,153 users from Spain, 917 from Italy, 903 from Greece, 742 from France, 710 from The United States, 555 from Belgium, 429 from Poland and 387 from the Netherlands. Apart from that, the number of 5.2 pages/session indicates the high interest of users for the platform’s content that has led to 94,915 page views of the platform, with an average session duration of more than 5 minutes. Additionally, around 15% of the total visitors, return and re-visit the platform, proof of the engagement established with the audience.

The impact of the project on young users is introduced to be very strong, as 61% of the total sessions have been performed by people aged from 18 to 34 years old. People in the aforementioned age gap are expected to play a crucial role in the formation and modernization of agriculture during the upcoming years. Establishment of engagement with these people, aligns the implementation and integration of modern innovative tools and systems, with the agricultural production of the future. Furthermore, the industry solutions’ section of INNOSETA platform is the most visited group of SETAs and has around 4,400 page views, followed by training material section that has 2,700 page views. The industry solutions with the highest number of views are the following; a control unit application for vineyards that allows application of optimal spraying conditions for the reduction of PPP use based on map technologies (INNOSETA | Estel Waatic - Control unit for vineyard sprayers), while next in preference comes a controlled droplet application (CDA) nozzle (INNOSETA | Micron Controlled Droplet Application CDA - nozzle for narrow range of spray droplet sizes), and a Decision support system that calculates, depending on the weather conditions the ideal day and hour for spraying, within the next five days and projects results in an interactive map (INNOSETA | AGENSO EffiSpray - Decision Support System).

Based on the aforementioned information, the INNOSETA project has fulfilled its objective to provide end-users operating in the agricultural sector with high-end valuable information, aiming to allow knowledge flow to parties that otherwise would lack the ability to access such knowledge.


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